Blazing Trails for a Forestry Biotech Leader

Kincannon & Reed completed a search for an executive to guide the commercial scale-up of a global forestry biotech company’s pilot process for clonal seedling production. It was a highly challenging search, because we needed to find someone who could guide applied research and who also had a strategic operations mindset. In addition, we had to overcome a significant obstacle of recruiting a biotech-savvy executive agreeable to relocating to the company’s location.

To meet the client’s needs, we had to search the globe—identifying and connecting with over 80 potential candidates in Australia, Malaysia, West Africa, Europe, and North and South America. In fact, we ended up providing a short list of well-qualified candidates from each of these geographies for our client’s consideration. Ultimately we found the ideal candidate for the client’s unique opportunity, and our client couldn’t be happier.