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Who Believed in You?

You did not come to this leadership role on your own. Certainly, you got here with a lot of hard work, but it’s often the people who have believed in us that have had the most significant impact on your success. These could have been teachers, professors, coaches, mentors, or…

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2020 Hindsight – Things Become Clearer

There is no doubt the memories of 2020 will stay with us for some time but as those memories fade, there are changes businesses will carry into the future. Call it what you may, remote working, working from home, or the virtualization of work, leaders need strategies for this new…

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The powerful formula for keeping your top performers

Every year, companies spend billions of dollars in aggregate recruiting and interviewing. Why? Because human capital is arguably the single greatest enabler of business strategy and companies want to make sure they’re hiring the best talent out there.

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New Decade, Renewed Focus

In many ways, the start of a new decade is no different than any other January. It’s a mostly artificial designation that doesn’t directly impact the challenges and opportunities you faced last month—or the ones that will no doubt occupy your time in the coming year.

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Kincannon & Reed tips for online interviews

At Kincannon & Reed we’ve been working remotely for more than 35 years facilitating video interviews long before it became a necessity. Following are some best practices to help clients and candidates prepare to engage remotely, present their best, and ultimately determine if this is someone you want to work with.

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The Talent Acquisition Difference

Filling key roles with long-term contributors has become an increasingly challenging and strategic process. Facing this reality, a growing number of organizations are reassessing their approaches to filling both senior positions and other key roles that have a significant material impact on the organization’s success.

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