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Animal Health Conference Highlights Industry Growth, Facilitates Discussions

Kincannon & Reed Managing Partner Phil Osborne gives insight to industry and global dialogue from recent APAC animal health conference.

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Key Insights from Global Ag and Food Technology Summits

Last month, I was able to connect with industry leaders and experts during the Future Food Tech and World Agri-Tech Summits and Middle East Agri-Food Briefing. Each of the events offered educational sessions and networking opportunities where three key topics stood out in conversation: 1) Investors are more interested than…

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Shifts in the Workforce: Position Your Purpose

Professionals are seeking roles and organizations that align with their values and give them a sense of purpose, something hiring managers should remember.

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Developing Leaders – The Role of an Executive Coach

Executive coaching may be one of the most underutilized tools that helps leaders reach their full potential. The practice is as unique as the coaches themselves. It involves a confidential relationship where the executive drives the agenda, and the coach provides structure, accountability, and a way to measure progress.   Kincannon…

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Navigating the Great Resignation

Five Talent Retention & Recruitment Strategies for Turbulent Times The upheaval that began on March 11, 2020, resulted in dramatic ripple effects in industries that ensure a safe, secure, and abundant food system. Supply chain disruptions, labor shortages, implementation of safety equipment and protocols, and stay-at-home orders, upended standard operating…

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Disruptive Leadership: Where Innovation & Agility Drive Success

Michael Whitney Despite any negative connotations surrounding the word “disruptive” or how the phrase “disruptive leadership” has become a buzzword for many, we believe it represents the antithesis of complacency and can be an important catalyst for innovation. There is no denying the differences these leaders bring to any business…

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