Board Director Search

We bring a history of success in the recruitment of diverse board members.

Recruiting a Board Director

Placing influential, collaborative board directors that fit both your organization and your mission is equal parts art and strategy – something our team has balanced successfully for decades. Our firm has a successful track record of recruiting board members specifically to private, family-owned, and start-up organizations.

Our experience makes us faster off the mark

Because our principals are engaged at the highest levels in the food-ag value chain, we understand what it takes to place board members who fit culturally. Because of this insight, our team is able to develop a diverse candidate list to work from quickly.

K&R knows the challenges and opportunities

We understand how shifting factors such as the economy can and do affect partnerships & collaborations. This in-depth market awareness allows our firm to represent our clients with credibility and gravitas to potential board search candidates.

Key qualities to look for in a board member:

  • Strategic & critical thinker
  • Highly skilled communicator
  • Ability to act without bias
  • Mix of business acumen & industry expertise

Board Search Process

We execute a proven process that includes applying our industry knowledge, proprietary data, search expertise, and executive experience to deliver a qualified slate of board director candidates.

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Diversity: A Commitment in Every Search

As an industry, we continue to serve a more diverse consumer. We understand a vibrant, innovative workforce is built on a diversity of ideas and perspectives that start by bringing leadership with different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures to the table. That’s why we make every effort, in every search, to identify qualified, diverse candidates.