What We Do

We place impactful leaders –Innovators with the expertise, enthusiasm, and insight to transform your organization and deliver growth.

Executive Recruiting

Finding the right leader for your organization requires knowledge, networks, discipline, tenacity – and time. That’s why we’re here – putting decades of experience to work so you can focus on business, while we focus on finding your next executive.

The Kincannon & Reed Model

It’s More Than a Process

It is about building valuable long-term relationships. Success is delivered from our ability to leverage our knowledge of the industries our clients engage in, comprehend objectives, opportunities and challenges, and analyze, evaluate and guide organizational structures so we can accurately assess each opportunity and candidate.

  1. Planning a Search Strategy Your needs and challenges are unique. We invest time listening and learning about your goals, culture, and values. We work to understand the skills, knowledge, and experience required. We combine our search expertise and executive experience to challenge paradigms, provide alternatives, and deliver a search profile and process designed to find the right leader.
  2. Making Connections Armed with the search strategy and profile, we leverage our networks and a data-driven process to identify, connect, and assess the right individuals. We develop an extensive list of qualified candidates and supportive information for client input.
  3. Evaluating Candidates & Finalists Kincannon & Reed is unique. Our Principals are former executives who identify and assess candidates from that perspective before making recommendations. This process brings context to interviews as well as a level of evaluation that impacts placement retention.
  4. Securing Your Next Leader We are known for closing the deal and securing the best leadership. Our principals build trust and provide value when working through delicate issues important to clients and candidates. Our goal is to create a win-win outcome.

The Candidate Funnel

We begin each search by developing an extensive list of potential candidates from multiple sources. Through our rigorous evaluation processes, we narrow down a slate of final candidates that aligns best with your goals and culture.

Data-Driven Results


executive placements across the globe in the last two years


of candidates placed remain with the client through the first year


as likely to be retained for 3 years compared to search industry averages

We Also Specialize in These Services

Executive Assessment

Kincannon & Reed incorporates validated interview techniques and evaluation tools to accurately assess candidates. We have the capability to measure personality traits, motivations and evaluate specific competencies and behaviors. The right assessments provide a balanced approach to understanding potential as much as experience.

Executive Coaching

Coaching empowers executives to reach their full potential faster, benefiting your organization. We partner certified coaches with executives and use a strengths-based approach to guide leaders through a process that maximizes their potential to drive success.

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Board Director Recruitment

We bring a history of success delivering advisory and fiduciary board members specifically for family, start-up, and growth organizations. Our industry networks and broad access to executive leadership bring willing and diverse candidates from organizations around the world to serve on your board.

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Diversity: A Commitment in Every Search

As an industry, we continue to serve a more diverse consumer. We understand a vibrant, innovative workforce is built on a diversity of ideas and perspectives that start by bringing leadership with different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures to the table. That’s why we make every effort, in every search, to identify qualified, diverse candidates.