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From C-Suite Leaders and human resource professionals to board members and investors, we serve the decision makers involved in food and agriculture industries.

Global & Industry Leaders

We are a team of search professionals who know the value of qualified leadership, diversity, and the important role we play in the future of the food and agriculture industries. We serve organizations that feed the world and keep us healthy. President David Turner describes the value of this focus to the clients we serve.

Food and Agriculture Industries

We’re a firm with a focus – specializing in delivering leaders. Our clients from across the globe are all types and sizes of organizations. If food and agriculture are part of your business model, we have principals with experience and connections in your industry.
Executive Roles in Which We Specialize
  • Ag Technology & InputsAg Technology & InputsSee All Sectors

    The first step in the food-value chain is the ability of producers around the globe to access the right inputs. Technology continues to deliver inputs that drive better decision making, efficiency, and profitability. Throughout the years, Kincannon & Reed has placed C-Suite executives and Sr. Leaders who have led organizations in delivering products, services, or applications for a variety of segments.

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      Businesses Include:
    • Animal Health & Nutrition
    • Crop Protection & Nutrition
    • Data Analytics, Digitization & AI
    • Equipment, Robotics, Remote Imagination & Automation
    • Soil Health
    • Vertical Farming
  • Capital & InvestmentCapital & InvestmentSee All Sectors

    Innovation, ideas, change, and growth are all fueled with capital. Entrepreneurs across the food value chain are leveraging technology, science, and ingenuity to deliver better solutions. K&R has placed leaders within investment firms, worked closely with these organizations to evaluate executives before investments are made, and sourced new leadership when needed to accelerate growth.

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      Businesses Include:
    • Asset Management
    • Global and Regional Banking
    • Private Equity
    • Venture Capital
  • Distribution, Retail & Food ServiceDistribution, Retail & Food ServiceSee All Sectors

    We identify and place leaders throughout all distribution channels including distributors, wholesalers, and all consumer buying and consumption points.

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      Businesses Include:
    • E-Commerce
    • Food Service
    • Grocery
    • Restaurants
  • Food & Beverage Consumer ProductsFood & Beverage Consumer ProductsSee All Sectors

    Companies today need visionary, forward-thinking leaders who pioneer innovative concepts that meet the ever-changing, discretionary demands of consumers. Our expertise spans placing executives and senior leaders in all segments of human and pet food consumption.

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      Businesses Include:
    • Bakery & Snacks
    • Beverages
    • Confections
    • Dairy
    • Meat Products
    • Nutrition
    • Packaged Foods
    • Pet Food
    • Seafood
  • Industry Associations & Non-ProfitIndustry Associations & Non-ProfitSee All Sectors

    Industry Associations need strong leadership to coordinate their collective voice and provide influence, education, and networking to achieve their missions. Non-Profit organizations are just as mission driven and require a differential leader.

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      Businesses Include:
    • Foundations
    • Industry Associations
    • NGOs & IGOs
    • Research Centers/Institutes
    • Universities
  • ProcessorsProcessorsSee All Sectors

    Kincannon & Reed has identified and placed leaders with many processors. These organizations are involved in handling the crop after harvest or adding value by transforming, sorting, or grading livestock, agricultural commodities, or plants into goods that are used for intermediate or final consumption.

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      Businesses Include:
    • Crushers
    • Flavours, Fragrances & Naturals
    • Food Ingredients
    • Food Processors
    • Meat Protein
    • Millers
    • Refiners
  • ProductionProductionSee All Sectors

    Many of our Principals have direct ties to agriculture production. Return on investment, consumer demands, government regulations, and environmental sustainability all play a part in daily decisions of production leaders. Kincannon & Reed has placed senior level leaders throughout organizations that produce our food, fuel, fiber, and raw materials.

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      Businesses Include:
    • Aquaculture
    • Biotechnology
    • Cellular Meat
    • Crops (Row & Permanent)
    • Floriculture
    • Forestry
    • Horticulture
    • Livestock
    • Plant Based Proteins
    • Produce
  • Research Development & SafetyResearch Development & SafetySee All Sectors

    Improving existing food products, developing new compounds, researching different solutions, discovering new knowledge, ensuring a safe and abundant food supply; we have placed leaders in organizations who are doing all of that and more.

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      Businesses Include:
    • Alternative Proteins
    • Biologicals
    • Diagnostics
    • Food Safety
    • Genetics
    • Supply Chain Technologies
    • Traits
  • Sustainable SolutionsSustainable SolutionsSee All Sectors

    The roles of Chief Sustainability Officer; Sr. Developer of Environmental Sustainability; VP of Corporate Social Responsibility, or other titles that lead sustainable solutions for organizations are not new to us. After all, we started in Agriculture, and recruiting leaders that feed the world and keep it healthy is our mission. Today’s organizations need leadership that can meet the ever-changing consumer demands while balancing corporate and environmental responsibilities.

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      Businesses Include:
    • Bio-Packaging
    • Biomaterials
    • Environmental Stewardship
    • Regenerative Agriculture
    • Water Technologies

Executive Roles in Which We Specialize

Whether you’re looking for a CEO, research leader, marketing strategist or operations head, Kincannon & Reed’s executive level search experience spans diverse functional roles.

  • Board of Directors
  • CEO/COO/President/General Manager
  • Commercial (Sales, Marketing, E-Commerce, and Strategy)
  • Financial
  • Human Resources
  • Sustainability, Regulatory, Government Affairs, and Legal
  • Research & Development
  • Supply Chain and Operations
  • Technology (Data, Analytics, Engineering, Digital)

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We’re humbled to hear clients talk about their experience with us

K&R excels in their processes, particularly in communication, interaction, advice, and counsel. Quality candidates were presented with relevant assessments, strengthening our close and trusting relationship with K&R. They are effective and efficient and are known to have an excellent network within our industry.

Start-Up organization; K&R placed several of the leadership team

The search team understood our organization and could see how a candidate could fit into our dynamics.  They were not just trying to find candidates to complete the search.  They really thought things through.  We would definitely work with them again.

Urban hydroponic production organization placing C-Suite leadership

The K&R recruiters assigned to our search for a Regional President, for the poultry group in Europe were so professional.  The firm has excellent communications with candidates, flexibility and global reach.  It would have been very difficult for another firm to do this search.

International animal nutrition organization on their search for their European President

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