Searching the Seven Seas for Executive Talent

This diversified global seafood organization, like many others in its industry, faces a host of challenges, including diverse markets, region-specific operating risks and others. When it was seeking to add greater management capability to its aquaculture unit (specifically, its wild-catch salmon farming operations), it turned to Kincannon & Reed.

We went on a global expedition to find the best candidates, and ended up with a short list of professionals whose diversity reflected that of the industry itself. The candidate whom the client ultimately selected was a Canadian working for an American company in Chile; but among the other suitable professionals we located were an American working for a Norwegian employer in Tasmania, a Norwegian working for a Danish organization in Scotland, and a Netherlander working for a Norwegian company in Ireland.

One of the key reasons we were able to find such a wide range of candidates was the experience of our principals’ that allows them to look past resumes and see the success factors that other firms can miss. For example, one principal had leadership experience at three large integrated poultry companies — an industry that shares some surprising similarities with salmon farming. These insights allowed us to ask the right questions to find the professionals with the very best experience and cultural fit.