Who Believed in You?

You did not come to this leadership role on your own. Certainly, you got here with a lot of hard work, but it’s often the people who have believed in us that have had the most significant impact on your success. These could have been teachers, professors, coaches, mentors, or managers. These people have played a variety of roles in your life and I would guess that you do not need to think too long before you can rattle off a list of those important people.

Who were they? What did you take from this experience?

As you take a moment to think about who believed in you. Ask yourself, what about that experience made it memorable? More than likely, these people invested in you and saw something in you that you did not see in yourself.

Perhaps, they hired you for that first job, took a chance on you for an assignment or promotion, or they may have simply extended you grace when you needed it most. If they saw potential in you, have you fully internalized that experience by identifying what they saw? Oftentimes it is our strengths, passions, or talents that our mentors noticed. The areas that make you stand out, because of those experiences, empower you to be the leader they envisioned.

Awareness of this experience fully allows us to understand how this person helped us develop into who we are today. Once someone believes in you enough to take a chance, you can more fully step forward and lead, bringing your strengths, passions, and experiences into your next leadership role. If you are ready to take that next step, a KR coach is here to talk about it with you.

Who are you believing in? What might they take from you?

Great leadership starts with making real connections.  Who are you believing in? Tim Elmore, Founder of Growing Leaders, Ready for Real Life, writes: “Sociologists tell us the most introverted of people will influence 10,000 others in an average lifetime.” Who are you influencing? More importantly, take a look around and determine who you are investing in? Your legacy will be found in the people you influence today.

Who are you investing in?

To share your experience or learn more about recognizing your strengths and investing in others, and how that type of investment can accelerate your team’s growth, feel free to connect. A K&R leadership coach would be happy to share ideas with you.  Connect with us at KRcoach@krserach.net