Manufacturing management leader placed by K&R

Kincannon & Reed Director Stephen Coffey and Managing Partner Heiri Gugger congratulate Jeff Unsinger on his new manufacturing management position with Certis Biologicals.

In his new role as General Manager/Plant Manager, Unsinger is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Certis Biologicals Wasco, California location. Business components such as manufacturing and process development, health, safety & environmental functions as well as engineering and business development strategies fall under Unsinger’s purview.

While effectively managing the various departments at the facility, Unsinger will help to cultivate a collaborative work culture with a high-performance team capable of thriving in a fast-paced environment.

“Jeff has a hands-on, transparent management style and an innate ability to communicate across a wide audience range,” Coffey said. “He is an experienced leader with a demonstrated track record of building and empowering strong teams.”

Unsinger brings 15 years of experience with him to Certis Biologicals. Most recently, he was the Plant Manager with Pacific Ethanol (now Pelican Renewables, LLC). Previously, he held several operations and production positions with both Global Ethanol and Pinal Energy, LLC.

“Jeff’s business acumen and communication skills enable him to connect operations to strategy,” Coffey said. “Paired with his extensive experience with the regulatory aspects of the industry and proactive approach to problem solving, Jeff will play an integral part in Certis Biologicals’ growth.”

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Certis Biologicals is an industry leader in manufacturing biopesticides and biological solutions for commercial ag as well as home and garden, with distribution and exports in more than 50 countries. The company’s global footprint helps meet grower needs across an array of climate and geographical ranges.