Ins & Outs for Executive Search in 2024: Part 1

Getting the right leader in place in an organization is a piece of cake… if that cake was made using a tried-and-true base recipe that has been tailored to your personal tastes and painstakingly crafted with only high-quality ingredients by an expert baker.

While identifying that leader is a crucial point in the recruitment process, finding the perfect blend of ‘ingredients’ to encourage them to join an organization is what makes the search successful.

The food and agriculture industries are poised for an interesting year of opportunity and change in 2024. The shift to a more balanced talent market signifies a cautious optimism across the value chain, but that balance still comes with expectations on both sides of hiring.

Recently, K&R Principals David Turner and Aidan Connolly discussed the Ins & Outs for Executive Search in 2024, including the need for finding the right combination of motivating factors to entice high impact leaders to join an organization and how organizations don’t have to sacrifice competency for cultural fit: