Ins & Outs for Executive Search in 2024: Part 2

Just as a surgeon would never scrub in for an operation with a singular scalpel nor would a house be built using only a hammer, the same can be said for executive search – on both sides of the process.

Executive search requires a multifaceted approach that combines the use of multiple tools, such as candidate databases and psychometric assessments, with the expertise of a trusted advisor for a comprehensive, holistic approach that results in an impactful leader onboarding with an organization.

Gone are the days of candidates relying solely on a well-crafted resume or a LinkedIn profile. Today, executive candidates need to balance strategic networking with maintaining a professional online presence, upskilling, and tailoring their resumes to specific role opportunities in order to differentiate themselves.

A recent conversation between K&R Principals David Turner and Aidan Connolly provided insight on these topics and more: