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2020 Hindsight – Things Become Clearer
January 22, 2021

There is no doubt the memories of 2020 will stay with us for some time but as those memories fade, there are changes businesses will carry into the future. Call it what you may, remote …

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A Call for Innovation + More Insights from the 2021 Chicken Marketing Summit
August 3, 2021

Innovation requires out-of-the-box thinking. Whether in the chicken industry – or another sector of food or agriculture – being innovative often means leaving your comfort zone and expanding your network. If you’re looking for connections across the food value chain that can help drive innovation for your organization, we welcome a conversation. Our team of search professionals leverages deep industry knowledge, data, and connections (100,000+ executives in our proprietary global database) to identify and place leaders with the right experiences, values, and cultural fit to help organizations innovate.

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Adapt 2022: Insights from AESC Global Conference
May 16, 2022

K&R President David Turner attended the annual conference for the search industry hosted by AESC, bringing key insights back with him.

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