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By design, the principals at Kincannon & Reed are successful senior executives from the ranks of organizations within the sectors we serve – agribusiness, food, life sciences, and bioproducts. This model, unique to Kincannon & Reed, means you will work with a principal who understands at a personal level – not just an intellectual level – the dynamic environment in which you operate. You’ll experience a unique resonance and get personal insight into what it takes to meet your talent needs in the context of your industry and competitive environment.

The expertise of Kincannon & Reed principals results in a higher likelihood of a successful outcome to your search engagement. How?

  • From the outset, you get experienced counsel that helps you better shape your opportunity and position your search for success.
  • High-value candidates are more receptive and responsive to a professional regarded as an industry peer.
  • Candidates are assessed from an informed perspective by a principal who has hired and managed similar talent.

  • “You understood precisely that we were not looking for a scientist, but someone who was a leader of scientists.”
    President, poultry development corporation

    President, poultry development corporation
  • “The value of working with a search firm who understands our business from my side of the desk is immeasurable.”
    Division President, food processing company

    Division President

Our principals are personally involved in each engagement from start to finish. Their active leadership results in better targeting potential candidates and more effective outreach, ensuring that prospects are professionally and persuasively presented with your opportunity. After all, your success – and ours – in filling your top talent needs is too important to be handed off to junior associates.

True global collaboration. Unlike many firms, Kincannon & Reed is not siloed geographically. We function as a single office in multiple geographic locations. Ideas, contacts, and insights are freely exchanged among our principals around the world, working together as a team to best serve our clients. This enterprise-wide culture of collaboration translates into a competitive edge for you: you get access to Kincannon & Reed’s best minds regardless of where they are located.

Number of associations and boards in which our principals actively participate

Another benefit of Kincannon & Reed’s unique global virtual office structure is that your engagement can literally span the globe and progress around the clock. We structure global search teams that can leverage time zone differences, and facilitate communication between client headquarters and their international operating divisions.

Your behind-the-scenes advantage. Like you, we know the value of a first-rate support team. At Kincannon & Reed, we believe we have the most talented researchers in the business. With an average experience of 16 years in executive search, our researchers support principals with invaluable assistance in identifying contacts, examining backgrounds, and qualifying candidate achievements to ensure that our searches are the most comprehensive and efficient in the business. Located around the world, they’re better able to grasp the nuances of a position, and access the nooks and crannies typically missed by those with less experience and insight.

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