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Motivating Factors in Attraction & Retention

How do organizations in the ag-food value chain face off against others in and out of the industry? How do they stand out amongst the crowd to not only attract, but retain high-performing individuals? A McKinsey report on attraction and attrition noted several common themes amongst those surveyed. The survey…

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Leadership needs impact all predictions for animal ag industry in 2023

A number of K&R principals are set to attend the upcoming Animal Agtech Innovation Summit in March, including Jared Spader, Jon Leafstedt, Gary Weihs, Christophe Dumont and Aidan Connolly. While attending, Managing Director Aidan Connolly will also be facilitating a round table discussion with other industry experts. Sharing his predictions…

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Human Capital Strategies of C-Suite Executives: The Future of Food and Ag

C-Suite Leaders ID Top Talent Needs in Changing Times, a Three-Part Series Introduction In the rapidly evolving food and agriculture industries, C-suite leaders must be nimble enough to respond to the immediate challenges of rapidly shifting marketplace demands and producing enough food to feed a growing global population, while remaining…

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Technology, practices highlighted at Unconventional Ag

Recently, K&R Principals Gary Weihs and Lisa Johnson attended Unconventional Ag, formerly known as the Organic & Non-GMO Forum. The rebranded event expanded to include additional topics such as regenerative ag practices and plant and cell-based foods while still delivering vital information on the Organic & Non-GMO market. Two key…

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The Importance of Diverse Leaders

Diversity is defined as the practice of including people from a range of different backgrounds and lifestyles. While this undoubtedly includes elements such as gender, age, and ethnicity, it also refers to less obvious factors like diversity of experience and thought. While it may seem commonplace, many organizations still struggle…

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Passion only part of the equation for successful food tech leaders

Managing Partner Michael Whitney represented the firm at FoodTech IL where critical conversations took place and cutting edge innovations were on display.

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