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Disruptive Leadership: Where Innovation & Agility Drive Success

Michael Whitney Despite any negative connotations surrounding the word “disruptive” or how the phrase “disruptive leadership” has become a buzzword for many, we believe it represents the antithesis of complacency and can be an important catalyst for innovation. There is no denying the differences these leaders bring to any business…

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Dairy Industry: Take-Aways from ADPI Conference

The dairy industry continues to evolve, facing down challenges and grasping opportunities in the ever-changing consumer landscape.

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Growth Continues for Pet Industry in Face of Shifts & Challenges

The pet industry needs professionals who can think on their feet while being innovative and efficient now more than ever to help combat the obstacles being faced. From research and development to commercialization and distribution, professionals in this industry and many others must be analytical and strategic to get ahead and stay ahead. If you’re looking for a search partner who can help you find your next leader, we would be happy to connect with you.

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A Call for Innovation + More Insights from the 2021 Chicken Marketing Summit

Innovation requires out-of-the-box thinking. Whether in the chicken industry – or another sector of food or agriculture – being innovative often means leaving your comfort zone and expanding your network. If you’re looking for connections across the food value chain that can help drive innovation for your organization, we welcome a conversation. Our team of search professionals leverages deep industry knowledge, data, and connections (100,000+ executives in our proprietary global database) to identify and place leaders with the right experiences, values, and cultural fit to help organizations innovate.

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Fostering a Diverse Workforce - Thoughts for Success in Food & Ag

Striving toward a more diverse workforce is not new. It has been incrementally happening for the last few decades; recent years and events have brought a renewed focus, sense of urgency, and understanding.

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Retention - The First Step is a Strong Recruiting Strategy

Today, the organizations we serve, are experiencing significant need for talented executives and senior level leadership. Filling a seat with a qualified individual is not enough. Given the demand for talent, leadership retention becomes an imperative priority.

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