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Ins & Outs for Executive Search in 2024: Part 3

With more than 1 billion users across over 200 countries, it’s safe to say the business-centric social media platform LinkedIn will be around for a while. And in a world where professional networking plays a pivotal role in career advancement, the use of the platform has become more crucial than…

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Ins & Outs for Executive Search in 2024: Part 2

Just as a surgeon would never scrub in for an operation with a singular scalpel nor would a house be built using only a hammer, the same can be said for executive search – on both sides of the process. Executive search requires a multifaceted approach that combines the use…

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Ins & Outs for Executive Search in 2024: Part 1

Getting the right leader in place in an organization is a piece of cake… if that cake was made using a tried-and-true base recipe that has been tailored to your personal tastes and painstakingly crafted with only high-quality ingredients by an expert baker. While identifying that leader is a crucial…

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Three Essential Principles for New Leaders to Thrive

By K&R Managing Director Patrick Fitzgerald Congratulations! Your hard work has paid off and you have just been hired to lead an organization or business unit. Naturally there will be the traditional welcoming emails, congratulatory comments on LinkedIn and the incredibly important listening tour where you meet your team members.…

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People: a Defining Factor for Future Success

By John Wright One of the major topics of 2023 that seems to be carrying over to 2024 is today’s challenge of finding, assessing, recruiting and retaining the best talent. Whether it be at conferences or in daily conversations, leaders are dealing with issues around talent. Regardless of the industry,…

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The Value of Retained Search

Talent acquisition is only becoming more complex, especially in niche markets and for specialized roles. It’s a monumental task to hire an ace in this challenging talent market which is why many look for outside assistance. Before you can decide whether engaging a retained search firm is the right move…

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