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Whether identifying effective leaders, aligning on company culture, developing next generation executives, or retaining your best talent, our principals share unique insights and expertise from their experiences working in and with organizations like yours. Interested in connecting with one of our principals to learn more?

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David Turner and Jon Leafstedt Look Back on 40 Years of Kincannon & Reed For Kincannon & Reed, 2021 is a year of celebration.  We turn 40 this year, and taking time to reflect on the changes, but more importantly looking to the future. President David Turner, and Managing Partner, Jon Leafstedt recently sat down to reflect on the growth of Kincannon & Reed and the evolution of the food and…

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Serving a Noble Industry

For 40 years, Kincannon & Reed has served the ag food value chain, touching upon all stages, from putting a seed in the ground to stocking the supermarket shelf, every function, and all geographies. The executives that we place with our clients are highly engaged in this endeavor and they are making a difference in what we consume every single day.

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Reflections from World Pork Expo 2021

It will take innovative approaches to address the demand for pork. It will also take innovative leaders and the right strategy to bring them to the industry, and to the organizations in need.

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Insights from AESC 2021: Thriving in the Next Normal

At Kincannon & Reed we work with our clients to place impactful leaders – purpose-driven innovators with expertise, enthusiasm, and insight – to transform organizations and deliver value. While we have been a virtual organization for several years, we will continue to improve our digital communication strategies to better serve our clients and learn more about the prospective candidates we communicate with. If you are interested in learning more, connect with us!

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Who Believed in You?

You did not come to this leadership role on your own. Certainly, you got here with a lot of hard work, but it’s often the people who have believed in us that have had the most significant impact on your success. These could have been teachers, professors, coaches, mentors, or…

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2020 Hindsight – Things Become Clearer

There is no doubt the memories of 2020 will stay with us for some time but as those memories fade, there are changes businesses will carry into the future. Call it what you may, remote working, working from home, or the virtualization of work, leaders need strategies for this new…

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